Friday, July 5, 2013

ThereIFixedIt: Knockoff 360 Controller Thumbstick Fix

A while back, I was given a third party xbox 360 wired controller as part of a gift. (thanks bro!)

After a short while of use, it developed an issue where one of the thumbsticks was very difficult to use because its cover had ripped. During the most critical part of whatever game was being played, the cover would choose that moment to strike. It would flap around like a useless appendage, mocking me and ensuring my doom in that game was sealed.

At first I tried gluing it with super glue, which failed miserably. The rubberized material is just too flexible, and I don't think the glue ever adhered properly.

Then I hit upon an idea; an idea which not only works perfectly, but looks so gloriously haphazard that I had to post it: I sewed it shut.


There, I fixed it! Or, perhaps more appropriately: #ThereIFixedIt.

1 comment:

  1. Nice. I only remember the B button being a little sticky, but I am not shocked that a Mad Catz product would have other issues.
    Anyway, I didn't know you knew how to sew. Did you learn that in cryogenic sleep like Sgt. John Spartan?